Our Capabilities

A Full-Service Metal Center

At Metal Distributors, LLC, we are a full-service metal center offering in-house shearing, sawing, bending, punching, drilling, and CNC plasma cutting. We cover the full spectrum of metal cutting and processing, and we are constantly adding new capabilities and expanding our range of machinery every day! Our main goal is to sell you metal with minimal waste prepared custom to your needs so you can finish a quality product. Please contact us today to utilize our processing capabilities.

Metal Shearing

Imagine a paper cutter for metal! Shearing produces straight cuts on sheet and plate metal, providing a high-quality edge with square corners and precise measurements. The below specifications are based on shearing standard low-carbon steel. Harder metals such as high carbon steel or stainless steel are rated at a thinner capacity, while softer metals similar to most aluminum grades may be cut at a higher capacity.


¼” x 10′ Capacity
½” x 12′ Capacity

Metal Sawing

A chop saw is the tool of choice for most metal sawing applications, providing fast efficient cuts. For more accurate cutting in larger metal shapes, a band saw provides straighter, smoother, and more precise cuts. We use our saws to cut everything from I-beams to pipes in straight and miter cuts.


14″ 10 HP Chopsaw
9 x 16″ Fully Automatic Bandsaw
13″ x 20″ Bandsaw

Metal Bending

We use bending to create specific or odd-shaped parts from sheet and plate metal. Some examples of this are stainless steel countertops, stair treads, wheel-well fenders, and range hoods. If you need to reproduce a particular replacement part or size angle or channel you cannot find on the general market, we have the equipment and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


100 Ton 10′ Pressbrake
250 Ton 12′ Pressbrake


Drilling through metal by hand can be slow and tedious, but our iron-workers can punch an accurate hole through any metal in less than 15 seconds. We have the equipment that is capable of expanding our iron-workers’ capabilities for bending, notching, and shearing. In the list below, specifications are referenced for low carbon steel.


56 Ton Ironworker with capabilities for 1″ hole in ⅝” Thick with Bending and Bar Sheering

80 Ton Ironworker with capabilities for 1″ hole in 1″ thick with angle sheer, bar sheer and notcher


When you need holes in thicker metal or tubing that can’t be punched, we have drilling capabilities that allow us to drill holes in most any metal product.


Drill Press
Mag Drill

CNC Cutting

CNC cutting can open the doors of your imagination to endless possibilities. It has the capability to cut any shape or design out of metal. Metal Distributors offers high-definition CNC plasma cutting up to 2” thick, which means faster cutting with cleaner edges than standard plasma cutting. With our state-of-the art cutting capabilities, as long as you can imagine it, we can make your metal dreams a reality.


6’x12′ High Definition 300 amp CNC plasma table