Does Metal Distributors sell to the public?

Should I call ahead to place an order?
Most orders can be cut within minutes while you wait.

Does Metal Distributors do any welding or machining?
No, but we can refer you to sever qualified welders and machinists.

Does Metal Distributors buy or sell scrap metal?
No, we only sell new metals.

What if I am looking for a specialty metal like bronze or titanium?
We can special order any type of metal.

Is Metal Distributors a fabrication business?
No, Metal Distributors gets all metals ready (cutting, bending, punching, drilling) for you to make at home or put together on a job site.

What if I only need 1 foot of metal, can I buy this small of an amount?

Does Metal Distributors Install Metal Roofing?
No, you bring in all of your measurements and we will make sure to sell you all of the right components to cover your roof, including trim.

What if I need 3,000 pieces of cut off metal, can you do this?